Bamboo Collection

Bamboo fiber is a designation used for a textile raw material obtained from a bamboo stalk. Fibers for industrial textile processing have only been known since the end of the 20th century. The yarn came to the European market only in 2007. These are viscose fibers made from bamboo wood, which are more pleasant to the touch than cotton. Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial properties, thanks to the content of a substance called "KUN". Compared to cotton, bamboo is even up to 60% more resistant to bacterial growth, so the material resists odors even when worn for longer. Bamboo fiber also excels in excellent thermoregulatory properties. In the heat, bamboo is naturally cool to the touch and this property is preserved for the properties of the knit.

Products made of these fibers are very pleasant to the touch, guarantee optimal thermal balance of the body, dry naturally and ensure a long-lasting fresh feeling when worn.